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Racescript updates

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At this moment the beta (beta.pitwall.org) is being restored to a copy of the main game of today. The beta will be merged with the main game tomorrow after the race if no problems arise tomorrow.

Some of the things that have been implemented in the beta:

Pitstop time calculation
The time to complete pitstops has been completely re-written. This should make the time for tyre changes more realistic, which is very visible this season.

Pitstop mistakes
For the first time in the game it's possible that the crew make mistakes when changing tyres. This will cause the pitstop to take longer than normal. The lower the pitcrew efficiency, the higher the chance of pitstop mistakes.

Pitstops in non-races
It's now possible to schedule a tyre change in a testing stint. This can be done from the scheduled laps section. Selecting a tyre at the end of a row will cause the driver to come in and change tyres. This will allow people to do race simulations.

Return to pitbox
During a stint it's now possible to tell the driver to box and cancel the stint. This will cause him to return to the pitbox as soon as possible and cancel all remaining laps.

Several fixes such as tyres being double mounted, or medium tyres not selectable from the strategy page. Chat categories are now shown in buttons.

This is now available on the beta (once the restoring process is done). The race still needs to be tested since the pitstops have been re-done. If this is successful then it will be applied to the main game tomorrow.

Posted September 15, 2018 08:18 pm by Frank Van Laere.


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