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First of all: my apologies that the game has been down yesterday, but unfortunately there were some serious issues with the week update yesterday.

Every Monday at 0:00 a script launches the weekupdate. Before doing so, it takes a back up and sends this to a local back up storage, and two remote servers. This to minimize the chance of losing a backup. Every so many week updates, the older backups are automatically removed.
Yesterday, the launcher script went completely bananas, and launched 60 week updates which took the game all the way to week 69. This lead to crazy finances as every team had to pay debt for 60 times, pay persons for 60 times, etc. However, this also lead to the backups being overwritten by faulty backups leaving me with a backup that wasn’t usable to quickly restore to the point of before the (first) weekupdate and re-launching a week update.

Because of this, I had to do a manual rollback whereas I did the reverse of all the costs that had been made, and all the changes that had been done (youth drivers were suddenly 69 instead of 9 to give one example). This has worked for most of the issues, but I’m not certain yet whether everyone’s finances are 100% correct. Please let me know (in the chat, or by opening a ticket) if you think something is wrong with your team and I will look into it. Worst case scenario I will do a recalculation of everyone’s balance up until last week and then check how much costs/revenue had been made last week.

The cause of the weekupdate spiraling out of control has been found, and this is due to the new e-mailing system that was implemented mid last week. It is also part of a launching script that launches all the updates. This is why the beta database was unaffected as that still uses the old emailer. I have fixed the issue and made changes to the backup system whereas it should always do only 1 backup.

My sincerest apologies for this issue. It’s something I completely hadn’t foreseen to happen, but lessons have been learnt and changes have been applied.
The updates that are behind will be caught up, once we’re sure that most things are okay. Yesterdays youth races won’t be caught up however.

Posted March 27, 2018 07:25 am by Frank Van Laere.


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