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The salary section defines how much salary you will earn every week in your team. If your team is private (no shares on the market), then the salary can be set to whatever amount the manager decides. But if the team is public (there are shares on the market), then the salary will be decided week per week by the board.

Shares management

There's a maximum of 100 shares that a team can put on the market. Once you buy a share of a team, you become shareholder of that team and you also get deciding power. In this panel you can see of which teams you have shares, and how much shares you have.


If this is set to yes, then it indicates that you will vote to dismiss the current manager as you feel someone else would do a better job.
Be careful with this option though, because if nobody else is interested in managing this team it will mean that the stock price will drop.

Once more than 50% of the votes are set to dismiss the manager, he will be dismissed instantly on the moment the 50th vote is in to dismiss the manager. This also means that as long as a team manager doesn't sell 50 shares of the team, he will never be able to be fired this way (but he can be by the board, see more information in the team section).


Every team that has one share on the market has a board of directors. This is a board that overlooks the performance of the team. By doing that, the board and the shareholders set objectives every year. For example if all shareholders set the objectives to be really strict, then the objectives will be really difficult the next time they're generated.
If a manager doesn't meet the objectives, then he will be fired automatically by the board (if he's been with the team only since week 3, the first year the objectives are ignored).

Sell share

In the overview table you can also see the price of the average bought share. In the sell share option you can see the current worth of the share. If you feel like cashing in, you can decide to sell the share. Once you've done so, the share will appear on the shares market and everyone will be able to buy it.

Shares market

The shares market shows all the different shares that are available. Every share that is being bid on by at least one member has a deadline date. After this deadline date the share is sold to the highest bidder.
You can bid for a share at the end of the column, and also set your maximum bidding price. If nobody bids to your maximum bidding price, then you will only sell at the current price. The maximum price can be used to make sure you get the share if you're not around when the bidding finishes. Of course, if you don't set it high enough and someone else outbids you, you won't win the bid.

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