Forum topic: wrong driver at strategy page

Belgium Jelle Vandyck Pitwall Supporter

1259 races

40 championships

189 wins

454 podiums

Current team

Belgium JVRacing
Division 1

The strategy page still show a driver who isn't a driver in my team anymore.
Qual. is done with a diffrent driver which is also set as a main driver.
but I can't set strategy for him.

when I change the line up with the first and the second.
The first driver always is replaced with the one who isn't my driver anymore.

So I can't settup the strategy because his car doens't exist.

Does anyone know how to fix this?
August 21, 2022 09:00 am

Lithuania Michael West Pitwall Supporter

138 races

0 championships

2 wins

26 podiums

Current team

Lithuania Nemezis Racing
Division 2.2

Ow! what happens if a race is conducted through a serious bug like this? Do you ever / can a do over happen? It seems like such a tight schedule.
August 21, 2022 03:38 pm



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