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The game was unavailable Monday and Tuesday due to an error in the season update from season 30 to 31. The cause was a small bug in the season update, and because of that the season update was unable to finish. Therefore it seemed as if every manager was fired, which was obviously not supposed to happen. Some managers had already applied for other teams, and because of that I could only roll back the midnight back up which is taken just before the updates start.

The issue was that I'm currently on holiday in the south of France and only have limited resources available. An update to the database had caused backups to be rolled back at a very slow pace. I was able to fix this last night, and the beta was rolled back as a first. Once that was rolled back I switched the beta and the main game database and could start the season update without the issue. The issue is in the hourly research that needs to be closed down. I will investigate as soon as possible with resources permitting and roll that out manually.

Apart from these issues there have been no major changes for season 31. An update was coming, but unfortunately it was not ready in time and I will continue development and roll it out later once it's ready. Apologies for the down time, but have fun in the new season!
July 27, 2022 01:18 pm

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Quick question...

Were the team points that would have been earned retrospectively allocated? It didn't seem like they were. For a returning player like myself, joining in Week 12 last season, it is a tough job to get a car ready for the first race and I will likely miss a lot of testing so need every point I can get.

At the moment, I still have only have 1 Chassis produced and a production backlog, plus I still have to actual develop 5 further parts including the floor before they even go into the queue.

Stupidly, I mounted the Chassis on to my first car taking me into negative points, therefore I have to get rid of that deficit before I can even start producing any further parts. The early game requirements as a new player completely rinsed my points so late into the season so massively on the back foot.

Oh... and somehow got promoted!
July 29, 2022 11:42 am



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