Found a new team

There's a limit of how many times a team can be founded, and this is set to once per 6 months (or every 2 Pitwall seasons). If you founded a new team before the 6 month period expired, then you won't be able to found a new team.
To start up a brand new team, you can do this in the Found a new team panel. There are two types of teams that can be set up: main teams and junior teams.

Main team

Most teams are main teams, a main team is a normal team with no limits. If you want to found a new main team when you're managing a main team, you'll have to resign first. You can select the country which the team will be from, but this has no additional value at the moment.

Junior team

Junior teams are teams that are managed by the same manager of a main team, but they have several limitations. The reason for their existence is to allow managers to do more, and to create more competition in the lower divisions.
The limitations that a junior team has:
  • Division: a junior team is limited to the lowest division.
  • Facilities: a junior team can only build a 1 starred head quarters.
  • Suppliers: a junior team can only sign "normal" deals.

Apply for job

In this panel all the teams who are without a manager are listed. Next to each team there's also the deadline date which indicates when the new manager will be chosen.
If you want to apply for the job, you can simply click the Apply button. Please note that once you do this, you will automatically resign from your current team if you're successful in your application. If you're not successful then you will stay at your current team.


If you want to resign from your team, you can do this in the resign panel. Once you click the button to resign from your team, you will resign with immediate effect. There's no way back, and the team you are resigning from will be open for other candidates straight away.

Job security

The job security panel shows all teams who are public. This means that the team has gone public and managers can buy shares. Every share represents a vote to do certain actions in the team, such as dismissing the manager. If there are voters in the shareholders who are voting to have the manager dismissed, then those managers and teams will be listed here.

Job performance

At the beginning of the season each manager gets objectives that should be reached. If a team is public, then it will be less likely that the manager is fired if they achieve their objectives. This table gives a good indication of the best performing managers.

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