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Today the world of Pitwall has become a bit more democratic with the introduction of Politics. This module allows managers to vote for rule changes in the published rulebook for the upcoming season.

The governing body can propose one or more rule changes in a proposal. This is then published after which all active managers get a notification in their news center. They can then vote to approve, reject or abstain to vote. Making a vote costs 500 administrative points. Most votes will require 50%, but this number can vary depending on several factors.
If managers vote for, then they agree with all the proposed rule changes, against then they are against obviously, and when they decide to abstain they want to remain neutral but they will keep the vote for a next proposal. Abstaining can be interesting in case you want to save up votes for future proposals where you want to throw more weight into the scale. You can vote with a maximum of 3 votes, and it's not possible to accumulate more than 3 votes.

The first proposal has just been sent out of the door, and it is related to a new rule that was also introduced over the weekend: parc ferme conditions. This rule is currently set not to be enforced next season, but if enough people vote in favor (50%) then it will be adopted into the rule book next season.

In the future it will be possible for managers to create proposals, which will cost a lot of administrative points and have other requirements. But for now we will stick with the governing body making rule change proposals. Of course, the governing body keeps its veto right, but we intend not to use it too much.

Go out and vote! Next up is a new strategy page that is coming soon, and I will try to fix the bugs with the cars not getting of the grid in some races.

Posted June 7, 2020 11:17 am by Frank Van Laere.


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