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Updated person reputation system

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The person reputation system has been updated last weekend to better reflect the real ranking of persons. The previous system was based mainly on results of the team. But this had the flaw that useless persons would also profit from good results. This lead to these useless persons to be asking a lot of money while they were actually worthless.

Changing this system was necessary as 1) it was quite difficult to find really good staff/drivers for new teams; 2) it could make really good staff/drivers really cheap if you looked for them long enough.
The rating system has been changed recently so that it's much clearer (by using the stars) what the rating is of persons. The new reputation system will use that now as well to rank persons reputation-wise, but will also use a new hidden stat: "known". A person starts unknown and will slowly build up popularity by various factors such as: results (position), series (for drivers), division, ... Once this stat has reached 100% then it will always stay there.
This stat is used in the reputation system in the sense that it's multiplied by the rating. This means that if a young driver is rated 10/20 and he's only known for 50% then his rating will only appear half of his real rating. This is done to prevent that if a new 4 year old driver is generated and he's a 20/20 potential, that he'll be snatched by the first manager who spots him. Only when he starts participating in races will it become clear what a talent he is. The new reputation filter has been live since last weekend, and I invite everyone to take a look at them.

I've also made some changes to the job market filter, whereas some irrelevant sorting filters were removed. I also added sorting by reputation which should make it much easier to spot great driver/staff.

Together with this smaller release I've also fixed a few bugs (see the status page for more information), and fixed a bug in the rating system (which was mentioned before) as retired persons were also still counted. This will have updated the ratings.
A bigger bug was also fixed over the weekend which caused the day update to stall. This in turn lead to many little bugs, such as: skills were not reducing due to age, person rankings were not updating, synergy did not reduce, parts did not reduce, economy stayed the same, pit crew efficiency did not reduce, there was no check and possible correction for double head staff, no administrative clean up (which caused huge log tables and thus a full server disk) and no new portraits for persons. This bug has been fixed and the day updates are now running correctly again.

That's all for now, more updates and fixes will be coming soon as I'll have some spare time again the next couple of weeks.

Posted March 18, 2019 10:01 pm by Frank Van Laere.


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