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Points update status report

A day has passed since the update, so here's a little status update. Overall it has gone quite well, with a few small issues.

Unfortunately I have to start with a downtime announcement. But this was totally my fault. With every upgrade come many backups. Since the database of Pitwall is quite large, it meant that 10 minutes after I went to sleep last night the disk was full and the server went down. This has been fixed since this morning, and it shouldn't happen again. I've set up the hour updates to catch on by scheduling extra hour updates every 30 minutes.

There were a few development issues yesterday due to the transition phase between the old system and the new one. This was unfortunately inevitable. The running projects (from the old system) should all have been finished without costing designer points, but they did always charge the full amount in terms of money. In the old system you would pay per hour update a fraction of the cost, in the new system it's at the end of the development. Hence, some people paid double and some recompensation is required.
Since every project is different, it's impossible to know how much everyone lost exactly so I decided to give all teams 5 million extra as a compensation. This money has been added to every team this morning.

Supplier negotiations
Since the introduction of the points system was combined with some other strategic changes, the number of suppliers has also been reduced. This because as a new feature suppliers will come and go (not so frequent, but it will happen). It's possible that a supplier will pull out (or join) of the sport and this will always be announced a season in advance.
Some people had running negotiations and have been caught out by this. Again, it's very different for everyone so I decided to give everyone 1000 administrative points extra. It's possible that I will do another admin points bonus round (due to how many points are needed for negotiations), but I won't give them all at once not to destabilize the market (since administrative points can also be used for other things). This bonus package is something that is given to every team, and it's up to every team of course what they do with it.

Finally, since we now have an admin panel I can finally ask for administrators of the game. Everyone who is interested can apply by sending me a message, replying to this news message (with a comment), or by creating a helpdesk ticket.

March 20, 2018 08:09 am