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An update has just been released on the game which tackles the person rating system. It has been unclear for newcomers for a very long time what exactly all the stars and different ratings and colors meant, so I've tried to make this simpler.

Person ratings
No longer do we have blue stars or anything else, but from now on there's a single source of skill ratings for every person. The actual rating of a skill is from now on visible if the skill has been scouted up to 100%. A potential rating will never reveal the actual potential rating but show a range.
An advantage of the single source of skill ratings is that a global rating could be calculated for both the actual rating and the potential rating. These ratings now appear through various pages and should help to give an idea of the person.

There have been some changes in the scouting department as well, mostly to accommodate the changes that are mentioned above. Drivers will now get twice as many skills revealed in a single scout report. Next to that the maximum progress per scouted skill is doubled, which means that skills are revealed faster. Scouts will also no longer scout skills which are already visible for 100%.
Ratings were also influenced by an offset factor. The offset is a mistake in the rating that a scout reports. The better the scout the lower the offset. But those offsets had an influence if there were many reports of a person. Because of that the offset is reduced in effect the more reports are generated, and it now has a hard limit of 6 reports where it has been diminished to 0.
Finally, it's now possible to "immediately" scout a person again from the scouting and skills tab. When done from the skills tab the changes to the skills are immediately visible.

Other changes and fixes
Development wise there have been some UI improvements, most notably on the overview page which now shows the actual potential rating of a part. The cars page has been made slightly more compact by making some layout changes. This page will now also show if a part is from the latest iteration.
In person contracts breaking a contract would not always appear while it should have. Suppliers now are double as fast in their weekly improvement in values. The division 1 U15 and U12 races no longer clash.

In case any issues are found, do let me know in the chat. I hope you enjoy these changes and Pitwall becomes a bit clearer to understand again!
October 27, 2022 12:39 pm



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