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Hi there,

Is anyone able to help me on this subject? =)

This morning I was checking whether I had discovered more about the parts on my car. I saw a note in a green box that "This upgrade has brought exactly what we expected." The thing is the upgrade progress bar for many of the parts in question is only at best around 10%.

How did an upgrade happen? I assumed I needed to test a part until the upgrade unlock got to 100%? Or is there some other mechanism I am not aware of?


September 1, 2022 08:01 am

Austria Lukas Fenninger Pitwall Administrator

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It's just feedback if the part is as good as expected or worse. I guess you didn't upgrade any parts yet, so this is just states if the initial part is as good as expected or not.

Yes, you need 100% to upgrade a part - once you hit 100%, you can go to upgrade and start upgrading :)
September 4, 2022 01:24 pm



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