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Help! - Negotiations

New 1. June 17, 2021 04:08 pm
Hi all,

Was on here years ago and have decided to return! I'm trying to negotiate with staff so I can get my team up and running again. I've gone to the job market, found staff with no teams, offered them contracts, been deducted points (??) for starting negotiations, gone to offer them a contract and just get a message saying that its not possible to offer them a contract, what am I doing wrong?

Thanks in advance
New 2. June 20, 2021 05:25 pm
Austria Fenninger Racing
Division 1
Hi Matt,

starting negotiations cost points. For the start I'd suggest signing the worst of the worst (young and inexperienced) staff. They are easy to sign and good enough for the beginning. Get the reputation of your team up (finishing races, winning in div 3) to sign better staff.
New 3. June 21, 2021 10:36 am
Hi Lukas,

Thanks for your response, I did as you advised, went to the last page of designers tried signing each of them on there and after giving them all of the top end of their demands, I clicked on offer contract and it keeps coming up with a message saying 'Not possible to start negotiations.'
New 4. June 22, 2021 08:03 pm
United Kingdom Wolf GP
Division 2.2
Hi Matt, go for age for the designers to try and recruit them. e.g. low age or ones that are free to move that are currently contracted ( allowed to leave)
New 5. June 26, 2021 08:41 pm
Search YouTube for MCDXCOM
United Kingdom Facami
Division 2.3
Have you selected your HQ? Yiou need to do this first so there is room for them!



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