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how do i get staff to sign?

New 1. September 22, 2020 06:31 pm
they arnt signing so i cannot get on with the tutorial. please help bc i wanna play this game.
New 2. November 2, 2020 08:27 am
Austria Lucky Fips R242
Division 1
Hi Henry,
welcome to Pitwall

It takes some time for staff and driver to sign - and they did. you get the feedback on the negotiation page when the person will do the decision.

the link to the beginners guide:
Beginners Guide

and a tip - you might want to restart because you created a junior team which is very limited and can not be promoted to senior team. the differences are roughly: no partner or work contracts with suppliers (no updates during the season), hq1 only (limit of staff allowed for the team = much lower design and production quality, much less points to invest in all sectors of the game)

recommendation - delete your account (setting/Delete account) and create a senior team. be aware that money is very tight at the start of the game, do not sell shares until you are 5 millions in the red and have a 10 million loan). don't focus on the results in the first 2 seasons.



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