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sponsor not signing at 100%

New 1. August 25, 2019 01:37 pm
United Kingdom Red Guard
Division 2.3
I have had a level 3 sponsor at 100% now for about a week altogether drops down if signing another sponsor but gets back up.

Last stint was 3 days at 100% and not signed, this has impacted my game as i am now in neg money, can't research, can't produce new parts or do a lot of testing as its taking me more into the red.

interest is 5/10 now 89% done bar as signed a level 1 sponsor, will be back to 100% in about a day but i fear it won't sign again.

Must admit most of my sponsors have had to sit at 100% for a few days before they accept apart from one, as soon as it hit 100% it signed.



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