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Person Negotiations Interview

New 1. June 22, 2019 07:20 pm
Italy Scuderia Pantera Nera
Division 2.2
The following is a small "issue" (not really a bug just an unremoved/unchanged feature in the new negotiations update) which has propped up lately.

During one of the person negotiations, I got an interview question of the type "You have been spotted talking to <person> a lot in the paddock lately. Are you discussing a contract?".

While in itself, this is not an issue the options do not seem to be compatible with the new system because the options include "Person negotiations invested" as one of the effects in several of the options. However, since the new system, negotiations do not have invested points anymore.

There are 2 possible options, here either remove the question or change the effects to something more compatible with the new system. Just a note, the question is still open for me so I don't know what happens if an answer is chosen.



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