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New 1. April 13, 2018 09:40 pm
Austria Lucky Fips R242
Division 1
from a feature request for public discussion about this topic:

At the moment there seems to be an unlimited fan base of pw teams. They pay once in their lifetime - end of the story

I would prefer a semi dynamic fan base of pitwall teams - e.g. 800 to 1,6 millions fans who are interested in a SEASON pass. In case they are happy with the team they stick with the team, if not the switch to another team (glory hunters)

-if there are no fans left in the pool no new fans can join the team (not even or no money)
- happiness of fans is based on success of the team and fee charged at payday (e.g. winning div 1 andincreas the fee by 100% or more (per season) should lead to a massive drop)

Frank Van Laere :

3 hours ago

I agree that we need to make fans more useful, but I want to make it part of a bigger improvement. I want to link commercial points to it, just like I want to link merchandise to it. That way commercial points get more value.
Perhaps we should create a forum topic first and come up with something there as I feel this would be an improvement, but only fixes just one thing.
New 2. April 14, 2018 03:25 pm
Search YouTube for MCDXCOM
For me it should be a fan club - annual fee for the hardcore fans for team news etc etc. Maybe have what it can offer them ie you as the team decide what you provide for example - some signed photos and a weekly newsletter. at not much cost or spend big and offer this plus competitions merchandise discounts etc but for a bigger annual fee. - you have to decide what you spend on the 'fan pack' and then the profit you want to make. Then every year you can put the prices up a bit lol and if the fans are happy from the year before and your team is having success they will pay
New 3. August 27, 2018 09:00 am
Personally I see something easier... Fans not paying lifetime but weekly that's it... We could add some dynamic with a limited number of F1 fans let's say 100 000 000.
They subscribe for 1 season and every season an algorithm dispatch them again and again. We could also add Fans morale something's like that. And some decisions related to that.

Factors :

Drivers could have popularity (charisma etc)

Will update later



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