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MSM - The Motorsport Manager Browsergame

New 2. October 18, 2015 08:58 am
Search YouTube for MCDXCOM
is it any good? before i give them my email and blindly register i would like to know how it works
New 3. October 18, 2015 10:34 am
games browers f1 is very good,there are 17 races in two months and it develops the car , drivers and staff and facilities
New 4. January 13, 2016 08:22 pm
Austria Lucky Fips R242
Division 1
quite boring in an empty division

and kind of buggy . when a driver qualifies he does not have to finish to get all points (my car suck and rarely see the finish line)

but it has some nice features

limitation in testing by drivers stamina - which makes sense, here we are just limited by money and time

development by dev points you get by testing and racing

New 5. January 29, 2016 05:06 pm
Shinshiro, Aichi, Japan
I started playing this and some aspects really suck and some aspects are really interesting.

Main aspect that sucks in the international server is only 2.5 years old but they have had a server in German and other languages for much longer so majority of the new players are simple coming from other server to be successful on the international server. This means learning the game; like I am means you have no chance.

As Philip mentions your car can break down in two different ways partial break or complete stoppage. This isn't very realistic and sucks since it made it harder to figure out what was breaking and why the car either partial broke or fully broke. I have since figured it out in the aspect that Red parts break means full stoppage versus any other part equals partial break.

This brings me to the most frustrating part of the game: R&D or development. The game starts you off will a very high reliability issue or percentage of 90% for all parts but don't tell you as you need to figure this out for yourself so being an idiot I thought performance would slowing increase the lack of reliability issues with each part; which is true but since you start off at 90% increasing your performance only means you will never finish as race as if you develop like I did 3 levels of performance means I have my reliability at around 99% for the first few races before I realized that I stood no chance of finishing a race.

I then started to place R&D into reliability and that is when I realized my reliability issues where created by the start level of the games reliability. So if you play R&D only reliability for the first say 5-8 races before trying to increase performance but this only applies as far as I can see to Red Parts, Orange parts are fine with 2-1 ratio and Green parts are good with 4-1 ratio. I have since read that red parts should be developed 1-2 or as some stated really 1-1.5 ratio

Interesting aspect is the overall R&D development aspect and running test laps to calculate overall R&D calculated per week but sucks if you miss a session. Free day, Free practice/Qualifying & Race day. You need to test all 3 days & race on the 3 day as well to collect max R&D again not explained anywhere.

Overall very simple game with very little thought process needed to be successful as all you need is time to collect max R&D and you will max your cars level out in less then 4 season based on what I have read and seen; which brings me to the final knock on the game; why does development have a Max level of 20 when I have only started playing and I already have a level of 4 in 3-4 races. I know it slows down near the top a bit more but with HQ maxed, Wind tunnel maxed and test bay maxed I will be able to reach that level by end of next season.

Overall, a very simple game that I don't recommend if you want to be challenged
New 6. May 11, 2016 03:00 pm
Shinshiro, Aichi, Japan
I have now played through 2 season with this game and will I still agree with much of the above that I posted I must say that I am starting to like this game a bit more.

Mainly due to sweeping the championship last season I think and moving up a division. This season I have started developing two 19 year old driver based on suggestion of my Association members. While this sucks since I have no chance of winning races I can at least max out my R&D plus save cash towards building my cars further.

I am also right about the easy of building your cars as season 3 and I am already plus 10 in the cars overall ranking with my chassis at 12 for this season and most likely maxed next season. That being said other parts of the cars are harder to increase and maintain since they get slashed in half at the start of a new season. Say Green Parts developed to 10-5 which is what I currently have then start of the next season starts with 5-2 but maxed R&D so you can increase the parts back up slightly. Mine when from 5-2 back to 8-4 to start the season. Two races in and I have all the greens back to 10-5 already. Now I am working on the orange & red parts.

If you are looking for nothing overly complicated this game is worth a look and even easier if you sign with a Association since they will give you all the set-up information that you require so you don't waste time with setting up your cars for every race but can suck also since it remove any reason to test or practice other then to collect your max R&D.

I also had issues with money last season a bit but I think it was my own fault since I took huge loans to max out my facilities. So suggestion is don't take huge loans like I did. Take you time building your facilities since it takes 4-5 season to get a car that is good enough to push through the divisions.

Also mentioned about a lot of empty divisions. Last season I only raced 4 other managers as most start and quit. This season I am racing about 10 or 11 in division 3 so it a bit more fun; if I had better drivers I could be pushing for the championship and division 2 but was told not to yet!!



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