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New 1. April 13, 2012 06:46 am
I found this whilst rummaging around an old hard-disc in the early hours with my eyes held open by a mixture of caffiene and nicotene, and thought I'd share in case anyone finds it slightly amusing. Back when my team was called Bangor Racing, this is the story of the head mechanic, Mich: (EDIT: Maybe he was the designer, I can't remember now!)

[DATE] 19th May 2010
[TITLE] Just can't get the staff...
[TEXT] The door to the trailer swung open. Canis dropped a bare foot down to the cold grass, wet with the morning dew and made his way to the portable toilet cabin where already a queue was forming.
"Who's in there?" Canis asked.
"Mich. He's refusing to come out." one of the developers replied.
"How long has he been in there? Is he having one of his funny turns again?"
"D'no, but if I don't get to the toilet soon there's go'na be an awful mess for someone to clean up."
"Let me talk to him."
Canis knocked on the door. "Mich? You in there?"
"Go away!" Mich spoke through the locked door.
"W'sup, mate?"
"Leave me alone!" came the muffled response.
"There's a lot fo people here need the toilet."
The door unbolted, and Mich hurried out towards his trailer. Canis ran ahead of him, barring his progress across the ruined earth that forms the floor of the Bangor Racing compound.
"If you don't talk to me, I'll have to tickle you again." Canis warned, his lukewarm threat failing to raise even the smallest of smiles.
"You won't understand." Mich began, but continued his motion towards his trailer barging his way through Canis's outstretched arm.
"Oh man, I really need to 'go'. Go to the trailer and wait for me. And don't bother locking the door, you know locks have no effect on me."
Canis returned after relieving himself in the hedge behind the wagons, and let himself into Mich's trailer.
"What's all this mess?" he demanded.
Mich shrugged.
"And you've been writing poetry again, haven't you!"
Mich shrugged again.
Canis held aloft a scrap of paper and read out loud, "... My heart is like an empty womb, my head is decorated like an ancient tomb ... "
Mich yelled "Stop it!" and snatched the piece of paper from Canis's hand.
"You'd better snap out of it, Sunbeam, I need the drafts of that diffuser today."
"Nobody understands me!"
Canis laid a hand on his shoulder. "I do understand" he said, as compassionately as he could manage. "We need you! We've got a race this weekend, remember?"
"Nobody feels my pain!"
"Trust me, if that diffuser isn't finished today you'll be hurting alright." Canis declared, and left the trailer.
"Bloody goths!" he muttered as he headed for breakfast.

I wish I still had the one about the gay scout, now /that's/ another story. "Take yer soddin' 'andbag with ya!" Unfortunately, that one appears lost forever. If it turns up, I'll post it.
New 2. April 13, 2012 04:36 pm
Italy Scuderia Pantera Nera
Division 2.2
Interesting. :D
New 3. April 13, 2012 04:58 pm
I remember that one, that was back when you and I raced against each other if I recall properly :)

your press releases were always a good read.
New 4. April 14, 2012 12:50 pm
Hey, Matt, remember the racing car made of wicker? Haha!
New 5. April 14, 2012 04:10 pm
How could I forget :p Hehehe



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