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Mercedes Willing to Suspend drivers?

New 1. July 8, 2016 05:28 pm
Shinshiro, Aichi, Japan
Okay, I thought I would get other managers opinion on this one as when I first heard this I thought no way could Wolfe afford to sit either driver but after some thought my views have changed. As I would sit both drivers if I had too to make a point and would even dump a driver if I thought he was being detrimental to my team goals.

So my question 1. Do you think Wolfe will sit either driver? 2. If he does end up sitting a driver; who and why? and last 3. If you were manager how would you handle the current situation?
New 2. July 8, 2016 05:48 pm
Shinshiro, Aichi, Japan
1. No, I don't think Wolfe can afford to sit a World Championship fighting driver as it would anger a lot of sponsors, FIA and even the driver(s). It's one thing to do in a game but another to do it in real life and risk damaging a Multi million if not multi billion dollar company. If you sit either driver you risk losing that driver to another team. So you need to look at the risk involved and how you view each driver. So does Wolfe really not value Hamilton & Rosberg that much that he would risk losing one or the other?

2. I think Wolfe cannot afford to lose one of the best drivers of this generation in Hamilton so I cannot see him sitting Hamilton at any cost (unless it clear cut Hamilton fault) so I see Rosberg being sat since as an very good driver he is in my opinion expendable and replaceable more then Hamilton but again I think it would need to be clear cut incident like in Austria to force Wolfe to really take action.

3. Like I stated above I would sit or bench one of my drivers as I looked for other options for replacing one of them. If I had Hamilton presumed Superb driver then I would be looking at replacing Rosberg a very good driver but expendable. If I couldn't find an equal replacement for Rosberg then I would be force to place team rules on both drivers with Hamilton being my clear cut number 1 driver and Rosberg sadly being forced into a number 2 role that supports Hamilton championship campaign until I could find a equal replacement for Rosberg.

Team Goals as a manger should always come before individual goals since the team get paid by the team goals and not the individual goals. It should also be view as honor to be driving a championship capable car that my team has produced.

That being said would I allow the drivers to race each other? No, if the team goals are more important then the individual goals then they wouldn't be allowed to race each other. It would be who ever is leading after the last set of pit stops will hold station unless directed by the team to change positions for the betterment of the teams goals. Any breaking this rule would see driver punished in some form and standing.

If Wolfe really want to remove these type of incidents then he needs to remove the two of them from racing each other!!
New 3. July 10, 2016 11:17 am
Search YouTube for MCDXCOM
Its an interesting situation. - As a manager with 2 drivers challenging I would accept that there will be times when the team will loose out as they take each other out occasionally. I would just fine the hell out of them when it does to lower the odds of it happening again. Its either that or enforce team orders - which would be shit for the fans with one dominant team
New 4. July 11, 2016 09:19 am
1. No they won't sit either.
2. If they did, they'd sit Rosberg because they always favour Hamilton.
3. If I was running Merc, yes I'd have sat them out, and fined them. Merc is still going to win the championships, both of them, even with RB catching. Sitting the pair won't make THAT much difference, would just need to find a second replacement to go alongside Wehrlein.

I'd also introduce another deterrent, and ever increasing set of fines. First time the fine would be say 100k, and each time there after it'd double, so 200k, 400k, 800k etc etc. That along with another sit out. I don't care if they were on to win the title, and would lose it if they sat out, they'd still sit. Drivers need to learn their place, and that they had to follow the rules in my team.

I would also give them one final warning to not do it again or team orders would be introduced, those being the driver ahead by lap x gets the better result unless their is a problem. Such a rule would have meant Hamilton had to take second at Austria, and the team would have got a 1-2, which would have been a much better pay day and result for the team than the 1-5.

All that being said, if I was in charge of Merc, I never would have hired Hamilton. Yes he's fast, be he's an utter cry baby. How many times have you heard him over team radio complaining because there was something a tiny bit wrong with his car, and stating he'll have to retire? Only for their to be next to naught wrong with the car and he still finished 1st or 2nd because the Merc was that good.

Rosberg may not be the greatest driver ever, but he's certainly capable of beating every other car in the field, which would mean you could hire a cheaper, and more team friendly driver to go alongside him, and still get 1-2 every race.



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