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Season 15, the race script season

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Welcome to season 15 everyone! The season of the racescript you might say. This and the coming seasons will be focused on improving the race script as that hasn't received too much attention in the past as other areas required more attention.
There has been a lot of changes in the background already, and these have been integrated already in the current racescript as it was updated after the race last night. Many of these changes are technical and won't show up for the regular user, but it was a necessary thing to do.

Other things are more visible, one being the new medium tire compound. The tire wear values have been heavily tweaked, and softs should now give better grip but also wear much faster than before. This new compound should make things more interesting strategy wise. Do note however that it is not yet necessary to use 2 different compounds in the race.

Another change for season 15 is that in-race refueling is now banned. Fuel tank sizes have been increased, and the fuel usage has been lowered a lot for the lower engine modes. These engine modes are now also new, as they replace the engine management that we had before. In essence it's still the same system, but they are now pre-set values (being 70%, 85%, 100%, 115% and 130%) which is more realistic, easier for new members, and it allows me to tweak everything much better.

And finally the first 2 weeks of the season (called "pre-season";) every team is allowed to use as much supplier sets as they want. This means that the number of engines, tires and brakes are unlimited. In week 3 all these parts will be removed and the maximum number of sets per season rule will be respected.

Posted July 23, 2018 09:22 am by Frank Van Laere.


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