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Race script - most common issues

New 11. March 29, 2018 09:00 pm
United Kingdom Team Destroyers
Division 1
I've put all the bugs in post 2 so they are easy to find. I will keep this updated if/when other bugs are found. Any bug that has been fixed will have a strike through. I have also created a bug report that links to this thread so there is no need to create lots of race script bug reports.
New 12. October 14, 2018 07:01 pm
Austria Fenninger Racing
Division 1
Another example for the bug with wet weather. The Indian Racing cars are in a lap approx. 13 seconds slower, but they lose almost a minute.

Link to the race. Between lap 50 and 53 its getting interesting.
New 13. December 17, 2018 08:44 am
Austria Lucky Fips jr.
Division 3.11

div 3.7 week 6
Lap 39: Naceur Ben Letaief pushed it too far with his tyres, one of his tyres explodes and his race ends in the gravel trap.
Kadonomaro Noro has improved the fastest sector 1 time to 33.076 in lap 39.

Lap 38: Naceur Ben Letaief's pitstop took 3.95 seconds, and after 20.199 he was back on the track on soft tyres.
Naceur Ben Letaief entered the pits for pitstop number 3.
Naceur Ben Letaief just went off the track! His left rear tyre exploded! He is slowly returning to the pits to get replacement tyres.

div 2.3 week 7
many tire issues
New 14. December 17, 2018 12:20 pm
United Kingdom TNF1
Division 2.3
Div 2.3 Season 16 Week 7 Race
Absolutely full of bugs, a ruined race.
Cars doing uncalled for double stops. Some unrelated to the weather, others related to the weather (JP Suave early pit example)
Cars changing for wets then coming in the next lap and the game allocating the old hard tyres they can in to swap the lap before (TNF1 and others example).
Tyre condition (putting those old used on) actually shows as being 'excellent' condition the first lap out, even though they are old and when last worn had bad/awful condition. Not quite right there.
Other cars bypassing the double pit issue stayed out on hards assuming because they didn't pre-order wets in their strategy.

Generally, the wet races are still mayhem and the script doesn't handle things correctly in some old and some new bugs. There may be wet races ahead, and if this were a title decider you'd be livid if the results caused you not to promote / or to relegate. As it's mid season it isn't so bad, but going into the last race and if this were at stake you'd expect re-runs or race results halved / scrubbed for that event.

New 15. December 17, 2018 06:33 pm
United Kingdom Team Destroyers
Division 1
When Santos pitted for wets on lap 15, the track was bone dry. A lap later and it was still bone dry so the game automatically pits you for dry tyres (if any available) because it thinks you made a mistake and is trying to correct it for you. By the time the Rolis cars come round, the lead cars are in sector 2 and the track is now damp so it decides not to pit them. Lap 18 is the same as you put on wet tyres and the track is bone dry for the lap they are on them and are too close to the leader to reach the pits before the leader reaches sector 2.

In PW1, there was a tactics screen that controlled what happened when the track is x% wet. As the code is still the same as PW1 and we have no tactics screen anymore, there lies the issue.

Until the racescript is fully updated, there is nothing that can be done. Races in week 7 are as important as every other race as they all earn the same amount of points. It's been the same since BETA and is just one of those things you have to live with, like everyone before you has had to. I can guarantee that most people here have lost out big time due to the dodgy racescript so to start annulling races now is not fair on them. All that can be done is to wait for an updated racescript that fixes all the problems.
New 16. February 17, 2019 10:38 am
Austria Fenninger Racing
Division 1
Pitting a driver for tyres which are currently used on the other car, causes the other driver to retire.

In other words, the tyres get "stolen" off the other car while driving. Its expected to be other other way around. The driver already out should be fine, the driver in the pits should retire with missing tyres. Reported by Henri, thanks!



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